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Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
Invisible Minds releases his debut album 'Make Up Your Own Stories' on 5th October: To-date, the illusive creator behind the aptly named Invisible Minds, has remained somewhat of an enigma. When debut single ‘Yo Mae Leh’ rocketed to half a million streams in late 2017, no one knew the mysterious mastermind was esteemed DJ, Tim Green. He plays his debut headline show in London at Hoxton Hall on 13th November: Make Up Your Own Stories, feels a felicitous title. Less a departure and more a new chapter in Green’s adventure; the 11-track debut is a melding pot of musical inspiration that has been ruminating for over a decade, and crafted between studios, tours and rare quiet-moments. Revealing a more melodic side to Green’s musical personality, the vivacious debut is “honest and innocent and kinda searching for a feeling” as Green himself puts it.