Shabazz Palaces - Deesse Du Sang [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
'Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star' (release date: July 14, 2017) Order Now - Sub Pop Mega Mart 'Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star' and 'Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines' are two fully-realized albums of new Shabazz Palaces material that expands the Quazarz universe with a simultaneous worldwide release on Sub Pop Bundle both of the Quazarz albums: Shabazz Palaces Facebook Twitter Instagram On Tour More videos from Shabazz Palaces Sub Pop Records Twitter Facebook SoundCloud MegaMart Podcast Subscribe To Sub Pop's YouTube Channel VIDEO CREDITS Director: Stephan Gray @STEPHAN_GRAY on instagram and twitter Video Production House: Dreambear Editor: Stephan Gray Director of Photography: Justin Henning Director’s Statement: “Headphones, please.” STARRING: Rhonda Faison CREW: Unit Production Manager - Daniel Harm Producer - Gavin Sullivan, Evan Brown 1st AC - Ryan Enkema 2nd AC - Alex Farias Movi Op - Justin Brown Gaffer - Norm Tumolva Special FX - Shawn Shelton Utility - Neftali Kirkland Art Director - Darcey Zoller Asst Art Director - Kalani Akuna Pyrotechnics - Stephen Klineberger PA - Quin Sonner PA - Moises Cortez Hair & Makeup - Hannah Gorder Hair & Makeup - Cybele Olsen Choreography - Michael O’Neal Lead Fashion Designer - Connor Carrar Stylist - Jennifer McMahon COSTUMING: Alexis Devine (Squirrel vs Coyote) J. Lonnee Daniella White (Plumed Serpent) CAST: Britt Brutality-Greenwell Jahn Brewer Archie Chandler CarLarans Coles Fazaad Feroze Nathan Lander Adrienne Lewis Malcom Oliver Michael O’Neal Ella Yvette Special Thanks: Sally Hall James Zimmerman Victoria Kovios Fort Worden State Park