Xiu Xiu - Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
"Pumpkin Attack on Mommy and Daddy" is taken from Xiu Xiu's new album, Girl with Basket of Fruit, out February 8, 2019. Stream/Order: http://smarturl.it/basket-of-fruit Directed By Angela Seo and Anna Lian Tes Cinematography: David Martin Edited By Alex Grybauskas Performances By Angela Seo, Jamie Stewart Ron Athey, Elliot Reed, Houda Zakeri, Emily O’Sullivan, Matt Rebula A Tiny Human Films Production Gaffer: Jesse Mendelsohn Grip: Kishan Patel Grip: Samir Golshan Costume Designer: Matt Rebula Production Designer: Suzan Choy PD Assistant: Ellen Connaughton PD Assistant: Julie Bach BTS Photography: Provvidenza Catalano Craft Services: Emily O' Sullivan Illustrations: Mookyung Sohn Lyrics: Loner, loner Right, right So I was just standing there and standing there and Standing there and waiting, and waiting But like as a mother… Daddy-O Daddy-O Is that you my prize pig? I am sorry I left you out in the pasture to die He was such an asshole baby who Terrorizes all the kids in the neighborhood How does a pig even walk back into the house Without even one not broken leg Pigs are gross, well not you, you’re my pig Um but yeah No mom Um but yeah No dad Um but yeah No sister Noooooooo Nothing! Glue in a bag, glue in a bag It was so sweet and so disgusting You’re going to fuck your favorite sweater That if you wanted to be a human being Then you had to eat garlic You’re not my mom! S.M.U.T. keep me company Jump in Muther Fucker What what what! What if the bear was just a dumbass? My three legged pig, Now you really can’t get anywhere Where Where Where… And I am kind of dorky ass goof ball weirdo So I can get why some people don’t like me