Bring Me The Horizon - nihilist blues (Lyric Video) ft. Grimes

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм oυт now: ғιrѕт love world тoυr мercн Directed by Polygon Co-directed & Edited by Oli Sykes DOP: Quentin Merabet Dancers : Léna Pinon-Lang & Océane Robin Cast : Neo Ninj, Prune Suicide & Lola Julie Renault Special thanks to : Charles Voisin & Aurélie Renault LYRICS: I’ve been climbing up the walls To escape the sinking feeling But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door. Buried in the basement floor Didn’t know what I had planted It blossomed with all the heart of a Cold War. I’m a spirit in a tomb Won’t somebody raise the roof I’m going white, I’m going black, I’m going blue Do you mind if I’m exhumed? I’m the ashes in the plume I’m a beggar in the ruin I’m peeking out, I’m burning up, I’m shooting through I’m lonely for the true Paradise is in my soul And I’m terrified I can’t get out I’m lost in a labyrinth We are lost in a labyrinth Please don’t follow You were in my dream last night But your face was someone else’s A twitch in my spine, a mutual disorder. Isolation neophyte, Too afraid to taste your conscience. You march in the dark, Little lamb to the slaughter.