World's On Fire (Official Video) - Mike Shinoda

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
Stream + Download Post Traumatic: Directed by Mike Shinoda & Juan M. Urbina A creative service by Venturia Animation Studios for Warner Records Character Design: Mike Shinoda, Sam Henry, Camilo Vieco Storyboards & Layout: Camilo Vieco Backgrounds: Camilo Sastre Compositing: Karlos Velásquez, Diego Beltrán Animation: Daniel Villa, Enrique Ocampo, Jacobo Arcila Line Production: Silvia Guzmán, Andrés Urbina Color Correction: Eduardo Gómez Video Commissioner: Devin Sarno - World's On Fire | Lyrics Don’t think I need to say this ‘Cause you know what’s in my head Fucked up is an understatement Can’t wait for this year to end It all fell apart / don’t know where to start And everything moves so slow I can’t get a break / it’s too much to take But closing my eyes I know When the world’s on fire / all I need is you I don’t always think to say it but it's true When I just want to disappear You’re the one that keeps me here The world’s on fire / all I need is you The riot’s on the horizon We’re calling each other's bluff The smoke’s filling up the skies and I say we should pack it up Maybe the blaze / will take this away To ash and to earth below You tell me to breathe / that you still believe And closing my eyes I know