LP Elektro - Teleportation

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
Check out the video ‘Teleportation’ - the new song from the upcoming album ‘We Have To Talk’. Pre-order the album at: https://lpelektro.lnk.to/WeHaveToTalk Download & Stream 'Teleportation' at: https://lpelektro.lnk.to/Teleportation ** Video Director: Lazar Bodroža Production: Metaklinika Animation: Miloš Gojković, Vladimir Đurić Costume design: Bojana Nikitović, Žaklina Vučurević-Gavrić Powered by: Lumina ** Composed, produced & arranged by: Sonja Lončar & Andrija Pavlović Sound engineered by: Marko Peljević, Srdjan Paković Mixed by: Marko Peljević, Srdjan Paković, Sonja Lončar & Andrija Pavlović Mastered by: Nikodem Milewski at Sunshine Studio (Studio 3), Vienna ** Music by: Sonja Lončar, Andrija Pavlović and Terry Mitchell Riley Lyrics by: Sonja Lončar, Andrija Pavlović Published by: Adria High Energy Edition, administered by Universal Music Publishing / Associated Music Publishers Inc. (BMI) ‘Teleportation’ embodies portions of the composition entitled ‘G. Song’, written by Terry Mitchell Riley, published by Associated Music Publishers Inc. (BMI) and is used by permission ** LP Duo https://www.instagram.com/lpduo/ https://www.youtube.com/pianoduolp https://www.facebook.com/lpduo/ http://www.lpduo.com ** LP Elektro is Sonja’s and Andrija’s (aka LP Duo) newest Synthwave project which came as a result of more than twenty years of work within various ensembles and pop bands. LP Elektro creates a sophisticated, contemporary electronic music using old and new synths in combination with dance rhythms and conceptual or love lyrics. ** Music video by LP Elektro performing 'Teleportation'. (C) 2019 LP Elektro under exclusive license to Universal Music GmbH. A Universal Music Serbia release. #LPElektro #WeHaveToTalk #LPDuo