A Lemon - Voodoo

About the track
Playlist:Electro Alt/Indie
Listen to "Voodoo" here https://orcd.co/voodoo Follow A LEMON Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alemonalemonalemon/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alemonalemonalemon A Lemon on Tour https://lereticobooking.com/it/roster/12/a-lemon Direction: Marco Jeannin Shooting: Marco Jeannin e Luca Frialdi Editing: Federico Cangianiello VFX: Enrico Gheller e Stefano Paganoni Fixer Berlin: Ercole Gentile Thanks to Mattia Grigolo, 800A Berlin, Federico Sottini, Alessio Zanardi With: Cesare Zomparelli Elena Cascio Recording: Alessandro Moncada Mix: Marco Caldera (Vulcano Produzioni) Master: Giovanni Versari (La Maestà Studio) (c)e(p) 2020 Urtovox Rec /Supermota Realizzato con il sostegno del MiBACT e di SIAE, nell’ambito del programma “Per Chi Crea” Lyrics: I’m no voodoo master I hope that you’re alright Our feelings slide friendlily And I drink for two when I’m alright And I know our dreams and fears duck away again I feel like you’ve been a pathetic companion to see that I like it blue I feel alive when the moon does arise And I dream for two, but there’s no right way to have The coldest day without a chill on you And I like it too when it rains for so long In a way there’s no saying how much of this we’re gonna have today for sure I mean no harm to your style, please go ahead It’s kind of fine I wish I had one too for me